Address: Mazzo di Rho, Gallery M.K. Gandhi, 32/13 – 20017 Milano/Italy
Telephon: (+39) 02-93901013, (+39) 335-265064
Our location is very close to Expo2015, click here!


Live Streaming

Our professional team for your live streaming events
Consult us for quotes
Our team on-site your event for a full day
Cameraman, IT/ICT Operator, Supervisor, Systems Cloud Engineer
audio-video, streaming-live, advertising plan, Web/Social/MediaCommunication

Service Copycenter

Digital Print Banner Graphic work Stationery.

Engaging Presentations

Study and production of professional presentations

Copycenter Sas
Mazzo di Rho, Gallery M.K. Gandhi, 32/13 – 20017 Rho – Milan/Italy
(+39) 02-93901013, 335-265064, mail:

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